Fresh off being named Ernst & Young's World Entrepreneur of the Year, Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya got some more good news this week. His company is growing at the same rate as Facebook and Google did in their infancy.

That's according to a story by Yahoo! Finance, which says Chobani has grown from nothing to a $1 billion yogurt superpower in just five years. It's a feat rare in both tech and traditional businesses.

And it all started when Ulukaya borrowed $1 million to purchase the old yogurt factory near New Berlin, came up with a new recipe for Greek-style yogurt, and began selling it locally.

Its marketing campaign is primarily limited to social media with a highly active Facebook and Twitter account, and the company runs its own blog.

In 2012, Chobani sponsored the United States Olympic team.

Now, Chobani employs 3,000 people in New York, Idaho and a plant in Australia. The company continues to grow in worth and in products. It now offers nine different products centered around the company's motto of "Nothing But Good":

  • Non-fat Greek-style yogurt in 13 flavors
  • Low-fat Greek-style yogurt in 6 flavors
  • "Bites," which mix flavors and sweetness.
  • "Flip," in 8 flavors, where consumers can add chocolate, oats, flakes to the yogurt
  • "Champions," a smaller yogurt designed for children
  • "Tubes," an on-the-go option
  • 16 oz "blended" options in 9 flavors
  • 32 oz tubs in 4 flavors
  • 6 pack bundle of the traditional cup

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