‘Away From the World,’ the upcoming album by the Dave Matthews Band, will be released on Sept. 11. In a new interview, the band’s frontman and namesake says that although love is the record’s main theme, sometimes he takes things one step further, even when it’s unintentional.

“It is all about sex,” Matthews told Billboard of the song ‘Belly Belly Nice.’ “But sex is an act of love, right? At least when it’s done right. I don’t ever want to leave that out. I always say, ‘If there’s an innuendo of sex [in a song], even if it’s not blatant, more than likely that’s what I’m talking about.’”

The record reunites Matthews with producer Steve Lilywhite, who helmed the band’s first three albums. Originally they planned to record some older, unreleased songs, but the idea was quickly scrapped in favor of new compositions. Matthews believes the new songs will be appreciated by their many fans, especially once they begin performing them.

“To have a whole record of a new songs I’m ready to bring to the stage and audience is a great thing,” he continued. “Every single song on this record is ready to go — they’re made to play. It’s like a fine car that’s made to be driven. This record is made to be played live.”

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