You'd think we'd all be experts at wearing face masks by now.  But according to Readers Digest here are some mistakes you might still be making . . .

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1.  Using the wrong material.  The best reusable face masks are made of breathable fibers with tight weaves, like lightweight denim or cotton bedsheets.  If you can see through it when you hold it to the light, it's too thin.

2.  Putting your mask on too late.  Ideally, you should put it on before you leave the house, or at least before you get out of the car.  If you wait until you're walking into a store, you might be inadvertently exposing yourself to the virus.

3.  Removing it too early.  For the same reason, you should leave it on until you get in your car, or until you get home.

4.  Contaminating it.  Touching your mask to adjust it, or even just wearing it around your neck could contaminate it.

5.  Never washing it.  Cloth masks should be washed after every use on the hottest setting possible.

Pass this useful information on, I am guilty of at least two of the four. Who knew?


Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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