It goes without saying that times are tough, but it’s been on some than others.

Several industries have been hit hard by the downturn in the national and global economy. Some are still looking for work more than five years after things went south.

Some industries have been hit harder than most for various reasons. The chief cause was the housing bubble that sent foreclosure rates to near record levels and construction rates down to almost nothing. It’s probably no surprise that architects topped the list of those who were hit worst by unemployment rates. The Associated Press found that a whopping 13.9 percent of architecture school graduates filed for jobless benefits.

Other industries that made the list included fields with a regularly high level of unemployment and some caused by the recent downturn and the lack of growth. Did yours make the list?

The Top 15 US Industries with the Highest Unemployment Rates Among Recent College Graduates

1. Architecture – 13.9 percent
2. Arts – 11.1 percent
3. Liberal arts – 9.4 percent
4. Social sciences – 8.9 percent
5. Recreation – 8.3 percent
6. Computers and mathematics – 8.2 percent
7. Law and public policy – 8.1 percent
8. Life and physical science – 7.7 percent
9. Engineering – 7.5 percent
10. Business – 7.4 percent
11. (tie) Communications and journalism – 7.3 percent
11. (tie) Psychology and social work – 7.3 percent
13. Agriculture and natural resources – 7 percent
14. (tie) Education – 5.4 percent
14. (tie) Health – 5.4 percent


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