The anticipation is continuing to build for Jason Aldean's upcoming 'Old Boots, New Dirt' record. With the album's debut single, 'Burnin' It Down,' already becoming a No.1 hit, Aldean is giving fans a glimpse of three more tracks in advance of the Oct. 7 release date.

The singer is sharing 'Two Night Town,' an emotional tune about the realities of life on the road for a successful artist.

"It was women, it was sinnin’, it was alcohol," he sings. "It was everything the Bible says will make a man fall / And I didn’t wanna little, Lord I wanted it all ... I just spend three nights in a two-night town / With a bunch of lost souls just tryin' to get found / Girl I’ve been a little crazy since you walked out / So I just spend three nights in a two-night town."

Aldean embraces the rocking side of country on the track 'Sweet Little Somethin'.' With lines like, "I need a sweet little somethin' like you got / Standing there red hot, tied up little tank top / Looking like you must be straight out of the country / Honey, what I wouldn't do for a sweet little somethin' like you," it's a classic Aldean-sounding tune that is certain to be a hit.

Fans who pre-order 'Old Boots, New Dirt' will automatically be able to download 'Gonna Know We Were Here,' the perfect song for the country music superstar who continues to sell out stadiums and arenas.

"Ain't scared to ride this train," he boasts. "Make a few marks, leave a few stains / My slam is a little too hard / Might take it just a little to far / My burn, I like it fire / Like a shooting star across the sky / And we may not be around in 20 years but they're sure gonna know we were here /  Yeah, their sure gonna know we were here."

Aldean says he tried to incorporate some of his favorite styles and sounds into the upcoming record.

“Just because I’m a country artist doesn’t mean I don’t hear things in other forms of music that I think are really cool and could work for what we’re doing here,” he explains. “From the very beginning, we’ve always tried to cut great songs. Some of those songs are about promoting having a good time — driving trucks, fishing, hunting, because that’s just what we do — but I would like to think that some stuff on this album is a little deeper, too.

The Georgia native already shared 'Fast Track,' which is available on the Target deluxe edition.

Pre-order 'Old Boots, New Dirt' here.

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