For many of us it is a dream we have had for a long time.  A place to get away from it all. A place of peace and quiet, fun and family. What am I talking about?

A home on the water.

Realistically, this may be a dream that is above our means, so the dream continues. A casual look at lakefront or riverfront homes, or even homes with water views, puts a price tag on them out of our reach. Look at some of the homes on the lakes in the Adirondacks. Expect to pay well over two million dollars there, even for a small "camp."

But, here is a list that might just answer your "dream problem". Here are 12 homes on the market that you might be able to afford. No home is more the $299,999 and the lowest priced home on this list is just $139,999. All of them have either a river view, water frontage on a lake or river, direct access to a lake, and more. They are located from the Hudson Valley to the mountain areas, to the Finger Lakes and to Western New York. Each home has a link to the full listing with more details.

These can all be classified as "waterfront properties". So start saving your pennies and maybe this list can help you make your dream come true.

Warning: The New York State real estate market is a hot potato right now. So from the time of this publishing to when you see the list some of these houses could very well already be under contract or sold.  But check them out. And dream on...

Your (Affordable) Upstate New York Waterfront Home Awaits You

Looking for a waterfront house in upstate New York without paying with an arm and a leg? Here's 12 of the best!

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