While in his hometown of Raleigh, N.C., over the weekend (Oct. 24), Scotty McCreery shared some of the new tunes from his upcoming record, including one particularly special tribute. McCreery debuted a new ballad titled "Five More Minutes," one of the five songs the artist co-wrote on the record.

“This has become probably my favorite song I’ve ever written,” McCreery said to the crowd before beginning the tune, explaining that he lost his grandfather, someone very close to him, in January.

The song is something nearly everyone can relate to, especially if they have lost a loved one. It’s about that deep longing to have a little more time with that person — even if it’s just five more minutes. A rep for McCreery tells Taste of Country that the meaning of "Five More Minutes" extends beyond time with a loved one: "It's also about having five more minutes when you are with your girlfriend, or five more minutes when you are playing your last high school or college sporting event. It's all about wanting five more minutes to be with the people you love and/or enjoy those special highlights of life."

McCreery performed the very personal tune with passion and genuine feeling, and the moment was made even more special because his grandmother was in the audience, radio station WQDR notes, able to hear the song about her husband for the first time.

The American Idol star has been gearing up for the release of a new record, but details have yet to be unveiled. His first single, “Southern Belle,” was released to radio earlier this year and it was a bit of a shift in tone for McCreery. The edgier style suits him, though he’s said it’s probably as “far left” as he’ll go. He’s also been working on an autobiography with author Travis Thrasher titled Go Big or Go Home: The Journey Toward the Dream, which is set to release May 3, 2016.

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