As the world around us has virtually come to a halt and we're finding ourselves social distancing in the house with our kids, many of us are turning to streaming services to entertain ourselves.

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If Disney + is one of the streaming platforms that your family has turned to, why not try to get paid for something you're already doing? is looking for people to be part of their 'Disney+ Dream Job.'

The job criteria are simple, really. If you're at least 18-years-old and a resident of the United States, you're welcome to enterAccording to their website, " will select ten (10) Dream Job recipients (“Recipients”) at random from the pool of eligible entrants using a random number generation tool."

If you're selected to join the Dream Job team, you'll be given a free one year Disney+ subscription card which is valid only for new subscribers along with a $200 Visa gift card that you can spend however you want.

That's it. You don't even have to review what you watch so this isn't really a job which makes it all the more enticing!

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